Worth reading

The following articles are "recommended reading" for several topics related to this site.


    QM General

  1. This piece by Tim Maudlin is an excellent discussion of the notorious measurement problem in quantum mechanics: Maudlin, T. (1995), "Three Measurement Problems", Topoi 14, 7-15.. A classic paper on the same topic is Wigner's "The Problem of Measurement" from 1963.
  2. Laloe asks in 2001 "Do we really understand quantum mechanics?"
  3. If you still believe that Heisenberg's matrix mechanics and Schrödingers wave mechanics were equivalent you better read this two pieces by Muller: The Equivalence Myth of Quantum Mechanics - Part I and The Equivalence Myth of Quantum Mechanics - Part II .
  4. This work by Nimtz is on superluminal tunneling: Nimtz, G. (2003), "On superluminal tunneling", Progress in Quantum Electtronics 27 417-450.
  5. A monumental thesis on Ludwig's quantum mechaics (in German). Freter, A. (2004) "Günther Ludwigs Neubrgründung der Quantenmechanik".
  6. In "Between classical and quantum" Landsman reviews the state-of-the-art with respect to the classical limit of QM: quant-ph/0506082.
  7. Bohm stuff

  8. The Bub-Bohm paper from 1966: Bohm, D. and Bub, J. (1966), "A proposed solution of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics by a hidden variable theory", Rev.Mod.Phys., Vol38 No.3.
  9. A work by Vink on beable QFT: Vink, J. C. (1993), "Quantum mechanics in terms of discrete beables", Phys.Rev. A Vol 48, No 3 1808.
  10. Some work by Dewdney et al.: "A causal account of non-local Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen spin correlations" (Jour. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 20 (1987) 4717-4732.), "Angular-momentum measurement and nonlocality in Bohm's interpretation of quantum theory" (Phys. Rev. A 48, 3513 - 3524 (1993)) and a more philosophical one "Wave-particle dualism and the interpretation of quantum mechanics" (Found-Phys. Vol.22 (1992) 1217-1265).


  11. Callender (2001) wants us to take thermodynmaics not too serious: "Taking Thermodynamics Too Seriously". In "Bluff your way in the second law of thermodynamics" Jos Uffink deals with some sophisticated aspects of thermodynamics: cond-mat/0005327.

  12. History and philosophy of science

  13. A great lecture on "Wissenschaftstheorie" by Renate Dürr can be found here. Mortensen has written a series of lecture notes on Philosophy of science which can be found on his website!
  14. A German translation of a part of Duehem's "Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien".
  15. in 1966 Mario Bunge investigated "Mach's Critique of Newtonian Mecanics".
  16. These two paper deal with the so-called "non-statement view" of theories: Suarez (2005) and Chakravartty (2001).
  17. These two papers by Stegmüler introduce into the philosophy of science from - guess what - the Stegmüller point of view: Stegmüller (1979a) and Stegmüller (1979b).
  18. A lecture on Sprachphilosophie (German) by Spohn.